Benefit Overview
Staff Education = Asset Protection
Drug free workplace courses can have an enormous effect on a workplace. Employers have responded with reports of having both long and short-term benefits that have affected their profitability and overall employee direction, morale and productivity.  Click Here to Start Taking your Course Now!

Click Here to Start Taking your Course Now!

Short-Term Benefits
Financial Incentives
Many corporate insurance companies offer financial incentive programs for companies that take Drug-Safe Workplace Courses.
                                     Prevention Incentives
By taking our course, your supervisors and managers are better equipped to recognize a drug and alcohol use/abuse problem.                                        Reduced Company Loss
Less disciplinary Actions
Fewer Negative Interactions
Less accidents
Less absenteeism
Reduction fraud & theft

Long-Term Benefits

Direct Focus
Companies that are educated on drug & alcohol use/abuse are able to quickly recognize a problem before is causes long term effects allowing the organization return to focusing on their corporate goals.

Asset Protection

Employee moral improvements
Productivity increase
Fewer insurance claims
Employee awareness 
Early detection responses
Fewer problems to resolve
Decreased legal costs
Decreased hiring expenses
Fewer employee turnovers
Prevention Tip
Drug Screening             Screening applicants for drug use in many cases deters drug users/ abusers from applying at your company.
Effects of Drug Use on Companies

Administrative Losses 
Missing work
Late for work
Incomplete work
Sick days used                 
Project extensions and overtime
Insurance claims
Disability claims
Workplace disturbances and accidents
Increase costs of insurance programs
Supervisors time redirected
Product waste
Equipment & asset damage
Employee turnover

Legal Resource Loss
Workman's Compensation Claims
Selling drugs in the office
Disciplinary interactions
Grievances with other employees
Threat to employee safety
Threat to company assets

Company Reputation
Mishandling clients
Product misrepresentation
Resources Misused
Public Asset endangerment

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