Certificate of Completion
Successful Completion Certificates
Upon successfully completing each course, the student will be able to print out a completion certificate.
Course Development
Our courses have been strategically designed to achieve maximum educational results and an individual and corporate level. It is important for every company to clearly understand the implication of drug use/abuse within your organization and more importantly, how to recognize it before it endangers your company, your staff or your assets.
Computer Requirements
Computer Compliance
Most of today's computer systems have the software  it needs to interact with our online courses.

Drug Safe Workplace Courses

Maintaining a Drug-Free Workplace (1-Hour)

Maintaining a Drug-Free Workplace: Manager's Edition (2-Hours)     
Ohio Drug Free Workplace Employee Education (1-Hour)         
Ohio Drug Free Workplace Employee Education (1-Hour)                 

Ohio Drug Free Workplace Supervisor Education (2 hour)
Ohio Drug Free Workplace

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