Computer Requirements
Most Computers are Compliant
Almost all of today's computers come with all of the software it needs to take our courses. On this page you will find (1) basic requirement list, (2) details of those requirements, (3) and free software downloads. If your computer has what it needs, it will work quite efficiently with our drug free workplace courses.      

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Basic Requirement List
Software Needed
Pop Up Blockers Disabled
Plug-ins Required
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Computer Operating System: Windows, Macintosh, Unix.
Cookies and Javascript enabled
Min Speed 28.2 kbs
Microsoft or Netscape Browser
Actions Required
Pop Up Blockers Disabled
Sound is turned up (optional)

Detailed Requirements
More Information         
If you would like detailed information about about the Basic Requirement list click here.
             If you have any questions about your computer system requirements, contact us and we would be glad to help. 
Free Downloads / Fix

More Information                         If you would like more information about the Free Downloads and or fixes to known problems, click here.

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